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Your Class has no known, or announced plans for a 2017 Reunion -yet

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The year 2017 is a Reunion anniversary year for your class. Just because I have not been told of, or have not heard of any "get-together" being arranged for your class does not mean that one is not in the planning stages. If you hear of one being planned, please let me know: Contact WebMaster: via E-mail and I will publicize it on the web site.

Don't wait for someone else to step forward and plan/announce a Reunion, take some initiative and do it yourself. It would be a simple matter of a few phone calls, to arrange a nice weekend for a few people, nothing elaborate.

Go to the Telegram's: Oakmont Chat Room and put up an announcement that you would like to have a gathering of classmates to commemorate your graduation anniversary. See if you can get a small group of people together to plan a weekend. When you get things going, the Telegram will also give you free Server space to set up a web page to advertise it, far and wide.

Here are some simple suggestions for a fun weekend, with old friends:

1.) Call the major hotels in the area and ask them for a Reunion Group Rate for the early part of the Fall Foliage Season, in early October.

2.) Friday- Have an informal early evening gathering, with light snacks and soft drinks at the American Legion Hall in Westminster. Pretend it's a Friday night "date".

3.) Saturday (AM)- If you plan it right, there might be a Home football game. Perhaps the school could make a fuss over your group during halftime.

4.)Saturday (PM)- Call Wachusett Mountain Corp., telling them you are having a small group of your classmates in town and you wonder if they would sponsor a free trip up the ski lift for your group, to view the foliage from that vantage point. If you can't get it for free, see about a deep group discount. They need the good publicity.

5.) Saturday night- Get one of the Old Mill's or Country Club's banquet rooms for a nice Saturday night dinner.

6.) Sunday- Have a pancake breakfast at the VFW, put on by the Westminster Fire Department. (they accept Donations) or- call Oakmont and for $5@ they will feed you and give you the royal tour of the new/improved facilities.

Overall, this would be a relatively inexpensive weekend, even for folks coming from out of town. Having read this, you can likely think of other things to do, but, the important part is taking the first step. Call folks from other classes, who have done it before -advice is free. Perhaps, if YOU don't do it, it won't get done. Call some friends and discuss how fun it would be to get a group together for a weekend and see where it goes. Life is too short.

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