2011 - June 17-19th

50th Reunion Weekend

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Class of 1963

Reunion "report" from Tommy Maki, Class of '61

Just got back from my trip to New England. It's always great to go back and visit. Of course the main reason for this nineteen hour trip ( Lisamarie won't fly) was our 50th class reunion.

For those who couldn't make it because of health or other important reasons, I hope things improve for you. For those who just chose to not come, you missed one of the greatest weekends you will ever spend.

I sometimes forget just how well this group of people get along with each other. There doesn't even really seem to be a class distinction. It's almost like we are one. I am so thankful for what we have.

We are so lucky. Maybe it's the time we lived in. Maybe it's the unusual (wierd?) group of people being thrown together and it just worked out, but it's great. I never laugh or enjoy talking to everyone like I do when we get together. It is a gift and I miss it when it's over.

Friday night, it was a get together at Wachusett Inn. Some of the old teachers were there and seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. For some this was our only contact during the weekend and was a wonderful start to the weekend.

Saturday started with a townwide yard sale. This was good for Lisamarie since she is an ardent yard saler. It was good for me too because I ran into people I used to know or it took us to places I hadn't been to in many many years. There are so many more houses than when I used to live here, but the town still has most of it's old charm.

Saturday night was the greatest. The food and camaradarie (sp) was more than I could have ever imagined. Those old dance moves came to the front and everyone loved it. I was laughed out out when it was over and had lots of warm fuzzies inside. Even Duane Winter made it after having a heart attack on Thursday.

Sundays breakfast was like the frosting on the cake...a final quiet topping to a great weekend.

I would personally like to thank the reunion committee for their efforts. They do all the work while we just enjoy it although I hear they have quite a good time while planning. I'm just sorry I didn't think about thanking you at the dance.

A special thanks to Charlie Clarkson who was the greatest host to Lisamarie and I. We enjoyed your company.

Thanks Janet and Red (or is it Whitey? for Saturday afternoon. Again it was so much fun as always. Thanks for the effort.

Just my two cents on expanding the reunion to other classes. We seem to have just the right chemistry and size to make this a special time. Will others spoil it or make it better. Whichever way I will be there the good Lord willing.

Thanks for another memorable time I will never forget. Hope to see everyone of you at the next one in two years.

Love to y'all, Tommy

ps. if you've never been on a whale watch, it's worth every dollar.

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