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Irony !!!

Oakmont Cheerleaders Win Division 2 Title


Cheerleading among sports getting axed at Oakmont !!

50 Years of Oakmont Football !!

Oakmont_50_football   Art Hurd

Download: "50 Years of Oakmont Football"

Download: "Coach Art Hurd"


to the

2015 "Hall of Fame" Inductees !!

Download the Press Release (PDF)


-->> 1st 6 Classes to graduate <<--

October 11-13, 2013


Mission Accomplished ! ! !

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Joyce Holroyd-Mcguire -and many others -AND the generosity of Oakmont Alumni and local residents, enough funds have been raised to bring to Oakmont, a statue (seen below) of LtCol Michael Kuszweski, USMC, a Class of '72 Alumni, Patriot & Hero, who died serving our country.

Kuszewski Memorial

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3/10/09 - Oakmont Spartans Hockey

wins Central MA crown in 'shootout' !!!

Oakmont celebrated 50 years !!!

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