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Your class does not have a web page. Don't wait for someone else to step forward to do it, take some initiative and do it yourself. It would be a simple matter of a few phone calls, or E-mails, to get a few classmates together and "just do it"

A good place to start, if you have no knowledge of making web pages would be to go to the Telegram's: Oakmont Chat Room and put up an announcement that you would like to get some classmates together to start working on building your site.

You can also do the same thing on the Alumni site's Discussion Forum. See if you can get a small group of people together to plan "what and how" to put it together. All you need is your Yearbook, maybe some old photos, a computer, a scanner -or take your photos to a place like Kinko's and they can copy them onto floppies or a CD -and a little time. You could make a social occasion out of it.

Most Community or Jr. Colleges have online courses in web building, as do places like CompUSA. My hometown JC, Mira Costa College, may have been "local" for me, but there were people signed up for the course from every state in the Union and several foreign countries, when I took it.

The Telegram will give you free Server space and tutorial help to set up a simple web page and you can then send me the link to list here.

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