Westminster Memories


The Class of 1961

Eighth Grade

Westminster School - Mrs. Baker's 8th Grade Class - 1956-57 Mrs.  Baker's 8th Grade

* RIP: Classmates who have 'gone ahead'

Top Row-(L-R): Betsy Owler, * David Lauricella, Donna Bliss, David Penttinen, Sue Hitchcock

3rd Row-(L-R): *Wayne Touminen, Diane Lundberg, *Billy Stockwell, Mrs. Baker, Judy Reed, Lois Heikkila, Emile Pomerleau,

2nd Row-(L-R): Bette Jean Strom, *Barbara Bergstrom, *David Buteau, Elaine Olechnicki

Bottom Row-(L-R): Drew Johnson, *Helen Makela, Carol Crossman, Shirley Hurme, Tom Maki

Westminster School - Mrs. Tinker's 8th Grade Class - 1956-57 Mrs. Tinker's 8th Grade

* RIP: Classmates who have 'gone ahead'

Top Row-(L-R): JoAnn Innerasky, * Kenneth Carpenter, *Karen Poikonen, Mary-ann Kamila

3rd Row-(L-R): Betty Arcangeli, Doris Aho, Richard Schofield, Mrs. Tinker, Pat Malenfant, Bill Partenen, Karen Lindstrom

2nd Row-(L-R): Maggy Parmenter, Charles Clarkson, * Orren Clarkson, *Merrill Campbell

Bottom Row-(L-R): Frank Moryl, Marsha Wiinikainen, Mark Buckman, Gloria Rhodes, Donald Assilin

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