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Class of '61 --you now have a WebPage!!

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If, perchance, you get enthused about this concept of your Class having its own web page, but say to yourself, "I would love to do something like this, to help, but don't have a clue how this Internet or web page stuff works."; please allow me point you to a Junior College "online" course you could take, which would have you building acceptable web pages in about 2 weeks.

Contact Mira Costa Jr. College. They have all sorts of computer and Internet courses from which to choose, which cost $49. The excellent "Creating Web Pages" course, which I took 6 years ago, had me putting together a rudimentary web page after the 1st lesson.

I was "in class" with folks from every state in the Union, as well as some from abroad. You progress at your own pace and the satisfaction of creating something really nifty, from scratch, is high. It's a skill you can put to good use, to communicate with family and friends.

Hello, Fellow Oakmont Alumni!

Welcome to "OUR" web site; dedicated to each and every person who has graduated (and some who didn't - not a requirement) from Oakmont Regional High School over the last nearly 50 years. I reiterate, this is YOUR site and the goal is to include and represent EVERYONE on these pages.

By way of an explanation of how we got here; the concept of an Alumni web site has likely been tossed around by many people for quite some time. The technology has certainly been with us for a number of years. Last October, during the weekend-long combined Reunion for the Classes of '61-'63 the idea came up again and the subject was broached to Mr. William Waight, the current Principal. The enthusiasm level seemed high with everyone who considered the idea and I was encouraged to start putting something together.

So, here we are, taking a few, first halting steps with this relatively recent technology. Where do we go from here? I hope I am providing the impetus, the building blocks and direction for a project in which each class can get involved and take where ever they see fit. Hopefully, individuals from each of the, now 40 classes will mount an effort to build a web page of their own. My recommendation is that once the page is created, it be uploaded to some class member's Server and the URL be sent me for inclusion in this Master web site. Once I add it to the HTML code, anyone clicking on that class year will be taken to the page on the Server where it is stored. In that way, all the data is not on one hard drive and each class will retain artistic and creative control over their product, without any editorial meddling. That is something we would have given up by allowing Oakmont to host.

I have started a page for my own class ('61) and welcome any contributions, suggestions and help to make it better. I will also be happy to "honcho" the "Honor Roll" page, as having served in the Naval Reserves for 30 years, military issues are close to my heart. Mark Landry ('88), one of 6 members of the "Veteran's Committee of the Westminster Historical Society" has offered his Committee's help with insuring each Alumni who served his country gets recognition. Please, if you served, insure that we know about it. You can now download the Word.doc form you need from the Historical Society on the "Honor Roll" page. There is also a list of Veterans, dating from the Civil War, available there.

Please contact your classmates and pass this web sites address around to see if you can get something together for inclusion. It doesn't have to be much more than "the basics" to get started. Names, E-mail contact points -simply let folks know who, how and where to get in touch with you to get your class's web site off the ground.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the effort so far. Your contribution of time, memories, photos and information on "missing" classmates will help to pull these pages into something we can all be proud of and use as a wonderful resource.

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Your Contributions of Memories, Photos & Time Will Make These Pages Come Together Better & Faster !!

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